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History Of Allscott Sports Club

The Sports Club has been functioning at the British Sugar factory at Allscott since the early 1930’s. Over time we have been involved in many sports including bowls, shooting, fishing, tennis, table tennis, snooker, dominoes, darts, cricket and more recently football.

In the early days, the company encouraged competition between other factories with finals day of the Inter Factory competition being held at their head office in Peterborough. This was possible because players in the various teams were made up of solely employee members of the club but unfortunately as employees declined and interest dwindled the inter factory competition ceased to take place and the club had to rely on local outside members to fulfil team commitments. 


Allscott Goalkeeper

Allscott goalie Tim Rice needs some first aid from Shelia Evans watched by Doreen Webb.  

The Sports Club has always been an integral part of the local community and employees alike. With the help of the company the club has transformed several times over the years culminating into the final contribution of the brand-new facilities you can see and visit today. 

When the factory closed in 2007 British Sugar agreed an initial five-year lease for the club to continue its sporting and social activities. The club changed its name to Allscott Sports & Social Club and registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) 

This meant existing factory rules and restrictions for membership were removed. As a result, we had a significant increase in membership over the next few years. Which created an increased number of new teams competing in the various sports under the club’s banner.  

British Sugar sought planning permission for a new housing development at Allscott which was subsequently granted. Planning included new Sports club and a 99 year lease giving us the stability we needed to plan and develop our future for years to come

As part of our transformation, we have recently changed our name again and become a registered Charity. Allscott Sports Club Ltd. Mainly due to the way we accessed grant funding from the Football association and Sport England to help us develop the new football pitches and bowling greens. 

This included two new bowling greens, one artificial (the first in Shropshire) and extra land for more football pitches.

Allscott Club Bowling Green
Allscott Club Building
BOWLS at Allscott. Approx date 195060
BOWLS at Allscott. Approx date 1950/60
arly 1960’s The old wooden club house shown in the background
Early 1960’s The old wooden club house shown in the background